EquoIQ Fly/Rain Sheet with detachable neck cover


EquoIQ ergonomic rain/fly cover is developed for an optimal fit and to give the horse as much freedom of movement as possible when the horse has a cover. Our unique design features a frontal piece attached higher up at both sides of the shoulder blades and therefore reduces pressure on the chest area. The highly durable fabric can handle any rough play out in the field with friends. You can expect to use the rug for several years. Along the back, the cover has durable and water-repellent fabric in polyester. On the underside there is the smooth fabric which reduces the friction which helps so that the sheet does not tighten so hard backwards.

  • Ventilating mesh on the sides
  • Detachable neckcover with hobs that protects the mane from wear and tear.
  • Removable protection for the stomach
  • Waterproof 5000 mm
  • Cross surcingles
  • size 115-155

Color: Beige

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