OrganoTex Spray-On 500 ml


A completely biodegradable impregnation that is inspired by nature’s own chemistry.

OrganoTex® textile impregnations are developed by the Swedish environmental technology company OrganoClick.
The technology is based on many years of natural chemical research in biomimetics, where the water-repellent properties of leafy plants have been imitated.
With the technology, a 3d network of water-repellent organic polymers is formed, which via our technology binds to and protects the textile’s fibers in depth.
When the fibers have been treated, dried and then raised, the water and dirt repellence itself is created.
This unique technique means that the structure, color and vapor permeability of the garment/textile is maintained, as no “film” is created as in many other water-repellent textile techniques.

The product is also a very good choice for our environment as it is:
• Rapidly biodegradable according to OECD 301A (within 7 days)
• Water-based and solvent-free (VOC)
• Free from fluorocarbons (PFCs and PFAS), isocyanates, formaldehyde and cyclic siloxanes (D4, D5, D6) – (substances that are endocrine-disrupting or carcinogenic and often used in textile chemistry).
• Classified as not environmentally hazardous or toxic according to the CLP regulation.
• Developed and manufactured according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 in Sweden by OrganoClick AB.

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