EquoIQ 3.0 stable rug 100 gr – outgoing goods (size 95+165)


EquoIQ stable blanket 100 gr is designed to give the horse a more ergonomic and comfortable fit when the horse wears the blanket. Our unique design where the front part of the blanket, the bow part, is attached high up on each side of the horse’s bridle, which gives the horse great freedom of bowing. A smooth inner liner will give minimal friction at movement.

The outer fabric is made of hard-wearing material, which gives the cover a longer durability and it will be more economical for you as a horse owner to have a cover that lasts longer.

  • Durable fabric 600 dn ripstop
  • Inner liner´s textile 210 T polyester
  • 100 g polyester filling
  • Breathable
  • Side buckles that give great freedom of shoulder
  • Cross surcingles
  • Tail flap with reflective stripe
  • Reflex on the front

Color: Grey-green

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