EquoIQ pink 1200 dn outdoor blanket 100 gr with neck


EquoIQ pink outdoor blanket 100 gr is developed to give the horse as much freedom of movement as possible when the horse walks with a blanket. Our unique design features a frontal piece attached higher up at both sides of the shoulder blades and therefore reduces pressure on the chest area. The highly durable fabric can handle any rough play out in the field with friends. You can expect to use the rug for several years. A smooth inner liner will give minimal friction at movement.

PLEASE NOTE: These pink blankets are made of 1200 dn ripstop fabric, which is not as durable as our other outdoor blankets. If you have a horse that tears its blankets, we recommend one of our other outdoor blankets that have better strength in the fabric.

The top line of the neck cover has straps along it to lift the rug up from the sensitive mane and create a tunnel for air to flow through. A common problem while using neck cover is that the horse´s mane can be damaged and will grow less due to chafing. This will minimize friction helping to ensure that the mane itself will not be damaged.

Our design is protected in many countries in the world through PRV, EUIPO and WIPO.

  • Outer fabric 1200 dn ripstop
  • Quick adjustable fasteners on both sides create a more ergonomic fit and prevent chafing
  • Detachable neckcover with hobs that protects the mane from wear and tear.
  • Inner liner´s textile 210 T polyester
  • Filling 100 g
  • Waterproof 5000 mm
  • Breathable
  • Cross surcingles
  • Tail flap with reflective stripe
  • Reflex on the front
  • No attachment for wither protector
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