How to fit your EquoIQ-rug

How to fit your EquoIQ rug and blanket

Here is how you fit your new EquoIQ rug or blanket for the best fit, freedom of movement and durability.

Place the rug or blanket on the back of the horse

Make sure to check that the rug or blanket is placed correctly at the withers, ending at the dock.

Take the chest flap and tighten it on both sides. Make sure there is space left for movement at the horse’s chest. 

NOTE: The blanket should NOT fit snugly in this position because then the horse is prevented from moving correctly. Try letting the horse lower its head to the ground. If the blanket tightens at the chest flap or the withers, the rug is too tight.

Also note that if you fit a blanket too tightly, the lower D-rings risk breaking when the horse moves.

Guidelines for fitting EquoIQ quilts

  •  A very noble and sleek pony or horse with small shoulder blades and narrow chest generally uses the 3rd D-ring on each side.

  •  A slimmer but more normally built pony or horse uses the middle D-ring on the sides.

  • A thicker-built horse with large shoulder blades and a broad chest uses the first D-rings.

  • For an optimal fit, it is possible to attach to the first ring on one side and the second ring on the other.

The fourth D-ring on the top is the bracket for the neck cover. (Only at stable rug 200 gr and outdoor rug 200 gr with and without neckrug)

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